Broaden your horizon

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Broaden your horizon

Expand your network cost-effectively while maintaining a competitive edge with our tailored solutions and web dashboard, Orbit.
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Bespoke solutions and a highly customizable platform—all in one package. Our team of experts are ready to help you scale.


Widen your network and coverage

Extend your reach to a wide-range of money transfer operators (MTOs) and financial institutions by integrating our established payment network.

Large global network

Extend your reach to a wide-range of money transfer operators (MTOs) and financial institutions by integrating our established payment network.

Ease of integration

Incorporate our plug-and-play payment solutions into your system. Ready to use with minimal configuration.

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Straight-Through Processing (STP)

Save time and maximize productivity  by expediting priority transactions and automating processes.






Cash Pick-Up Countries

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Power your payments through MoneyMatch

Every kind of payment to over 121 countries.
Mass payouts

Mass payouts

Send mass disbursement to multiple enterprise partners instantly and securely.

Home remittance

Home remittance

Enable customers to send money home to their friends and family with convenience.

Business payments

Business payments

Empower corporate customers to streamline cross-border transfers to stakeholders.


Bring your vision to life

Prioritize on elevating products, services, and customer experience without having to worry about the complex and technical.

Simplified processes

Bring together different teams to create a unified workspace and gain better control of your finances.

Comprehensive data

Gain access to a flexible and customizable data set to suit your financial analysis and reporting needs.

Open integration

Tap into our solutions easily with multiple integration options including APIs, web dashboards and RippleNet connection.

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Streamline your business

Maintain a comprehensive overview across all your subsidiaries and branches.
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Manage branches with ease

Manage branches with ease

Get a signal view of everything you need to know about your business activities. Set roles and manage branch hierarchies—all in one unified place.

Maker and checker functions

Maker and checker functions

Avoid costly errors and increase transparency. Ensure completion of each transaction with verification and approval from both parties.

Exchange rate and fee support

Exchange rate and fee support

Leverage the best and latest rates readily available from your dashboard. Request for special rates for priority transactions.

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Shape data to your business

Accessible, malleable, and custom-fit dataset for your enterprise.
Customized dashboard

Customized dashboard

Tailor your dashboard to your organization’s unique structure and processes. Explore date model adjustments and capture specific activities.

Generate essential receipts

Generate essential receipts

Create payment receipts including only the necessary data and information required. No clutter, no noise.

Put the data to work

Put the data to work

Access all financial and transaction reports for reconciling. Build new workflows, cut down processes, and draw significant insights.


Incorporate our readily available integrations into your system.
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Connect via APIs

Connect via APIs

Already have an existing middleware? Connect to our API to get started.

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Web Dashboard

Web Dashboard

Utilize the dashboard to manage individual transactions and mass payment uploads.

RippleNet Connection

RippleNet Connection

Leverage MoneyMatch’s RippleNet connection for swift transactions across the globe.


Safe and protected transfers for you and your customers

We operate within all regulatory and industry frameworks. A software is only as good as its security so we make it a priority to ensure our customers reliable and secure transactions from end-to-end.
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We are here for you

Our technical support team is ready to help ensure your business can run smoothly at all times.
Support center
Our support center is always open for business.
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Support hours

9.00 am - 9.00 pm

Monday to Sunday, GMT +8

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